2011 Corvette Review Summary

Our 2011 Corvette Review could be summed up like this "Improving on Perfection". We acknowledge the Corvette has a history of less then stellar interior refinements. Maybe the fit and finish in the past have been slow to change compared to other vehicles offered today. But hey do you yell "get fat" or "eat more" at a supermodel because she looks skinny! No, but maybe you should! Putting politeness, common social graces and norms aside the same could be said about the C6 Corvette. That same purpose built DNA exists in the Corvette just like the model!

The feel of a Corvette is different! Its philosophy not quality that is different than the other apples in the cart.

If you are looking for the things found in a Porsche maybe you are looking at the wrong car here. We're going to save you a bunch of time here if you are searching out 2011 Corvette Reviews and competitive cars with what we're about to tell you! If your on the web you will read tons about the Corvette and the interior and most of it is overly critical for two reasons. One, its just good writing to sound like your are neutral or offer impartial advice. Secondly, most of the authors have probably never even sat in the car and non-inspirationally wrote the same thing as the one or 2 others that have actually sat in the car! We wanted to address that topic so we can all get over it and move on! Now is the interior bad? NO, not at all! Could it be better YES! Just like everyone could hit the gym once a day. Ok maybe once a week! We could all benefit from a little more time exercising or an extra 20 minutes walking everyday or five.

Corvette philosophy for the 2011 Corvette you might ask? You could call Corvettes philosophy its DNA. So that leads to what's in a Corvettes DNA?
Leading Edge Technology
Light Weight materials
Torquey V8's
American Heritage and Pride
Company Flagship
Beauty and Style
Racing Legend

Believe it or not the Corvette is very humble! Many features we find on todays cars were first released or used on Corvettes! Selective ride control shocks used on Ferraris are actually technology licensed by GM to Ferrari and have been used on Corvette for years.

Some Humble Examples
Tire Pressure Sensors, Runflat tires all found a home early on Corvette's. Lightweight materials were pioneered by GM for Corvettes and remains entreched in the Corvette DNA today. Lighter cars are a win/win for every performance need from tires to gas milage. How much weight do you think those German cars could loose if they would just give up all the steel!

The Details (DNA Strains and Genetic Differences)

Corvette Engine Choices

LS3 Corvette


LS7 Corvette

LS7 (Z06)

LS9 Corvette

LS9 (ZR1)

2011 Corvette Review Engine Options:

Base 430 HP LS3
Base Convertible 430 HP LS3
Grand Sport 436 HP LS3
Grand Sport Convertible 436 HP LS3
Z06 505 HP LS7 Z06
ZR1 638 HP LS9 ZR1

2011 Corvette Colors

White, Arctic 10U

Black 41U

Cyber Grey Metallic 57U

Inferno Orange Metallic 28U

Jetstream Blue Metallic 85U

Crystal Red Metallic 89U

Silver Blade Metallic 17U

Supersonic Blue Metallic GLB

Torch Red 70U

Velocity Yellow 45U

2011 Corvette Review Videos

Whats Different from the Previous Year:

Custom color stitching option and the Z06 Carbon's interior trim
Z06 Carbon limited-edition
New wheel designs
Larger cross-drilled brake rotors are available on the Corvette's base and Grand Sport models
Magnetic Ride Control becomes available on Grand Sport
The Auto Transmission (A6) now allows paddle use to override the gear selection in "Drive."
Contrasting-color headlamps and interior custom color stitching
USB port and input jack are included with the navigation radio

2011 Corvette Review of Performance & Handling

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 0-60 mph 4.1
2011 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 0-60 mph 4.1
2011 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Convertible 0-60 mph 4.1 Quarter Mile 12.4
2011 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 0-60 mph 3.6 Quarter mile 11.6
ZR1 3.3-second 0-to-60 mph time and an 11.2-second quarter-mile at 130.5 mph 1.1g of lateral grip ZR1


6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic available only on Base and Grand Sport Corvette.

EPA Fuel Economy

Corvette/Grand Sport: 16 mpg city/26 mpg highway (manual); 15 mpg city/25 mpg highway (automatic)
Z06: 15 mpg city/24 mpg highway
ZR1: 14 mpg city/20 mpg highway


Anti-lock brakes & front and side airbags, with a front passenger sensing system are standard across the Corvette line. Active handling system with stability control is standard. Optional Magnetic Ride Control includes larger cross-drilled brake rotors.

2011 Awards & Ratings

Automobile Magazine says " The all-American sports car" 4 out of 5 stars!

KBB Kelley Blue Book Experts rank it 7.5 out of a 10
While out of over 400 consumer ratings the Corvette ranked 4.7 out of 5!

Voted Best Buy in Consumers Digest

MotorTrend ranks it 4 out of 5 calling it "The all-American sports car"

IntelliChoice and AutoPacific Awarded the 2011 Corvette delivered a combination of high consumer satisfaction and lower-than-expected ownership costs winner of the Performance category.


Power & more Power down low in usable RPM ranges
Fuel Economy to Power Ratio
Fun to Drive
Value to Performance
Helpful and Friendly fellow Corvette Owners
Largest Car Museum in the World Factory Tours with the possibility to start your car on the assembly line for the first time.
Good Comfortable Daily Driver


Less than Exciting Interior and Seats
Traction could be Improved
Needs Better Handling

Closest Competitors:

Porsche 911
Ford Shelby GT 500
Lotus Exige
Porsche Boxer

2011 Corvette Review Price List & Options

2011 Corvette Review Coupe	        $48,950
 	1LT Base Equipment Group	$0
 	2LT Equipment Group	        $1,195
 	3LT Preferred Equipment Group	$4,205
 	4LT Premium Equipment Group	$7,705
2011 Corvette Review Convertible       $53,600
 	1LT Base Equipment Group	$0
 	2LT Equipment Group	        $3,190
 	3LT Preferred Equipment Group	$6,200
 	4LT Premium Equipment Group	$9,700
2011 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe	       $54,790
 	1LT Base Equipment Group	$0
 	2LT Equipment Group	        $1,195
 	3LT Preferred Equipment Group	$4,205
 	4LT Premium Equipment Group	$7,705
2011 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible	$58,600
 	1LT Base Equipment Group	$0
 	2LT Equipment Group	        $3,190
 	3LT Preferred Equipment Group	$6,200
 	4LT Premium Equipment Group	$9,700
2011 Corvette Review Z06 Price	       $74,305
 	1LZ Base Equipment Group	$0
 	2LZ Preferred Equipment Group	$2,665
 	3LZ Premium Equipment Group	$7,170
2011 Corvette ZR1	               $109,800
 	1ZR Base Equipment Group	$0
 	3ZR Premium Equipment Group	$10,000
RPO    Description of RPO codes                         Price	 
C2L	Roof Package – Includes Painted and Glass Tops	$1,400
CC3	Glass Roof instead of Painted Roof	          $750
CCR	Special order option	                            $0
CFZ	Z06 Carbon Fiber Package	                $3,995
D30	Color Combination Override
ERI	Battery Protection Package                        $100
F55	Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Grand Sports	$1,695
F55	Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Coupe/Conv	$1,995
H33	Cyber Gray Metallic Headlamp Override	          $590
H34	Blade Silver Metallic Headlamp Override	          $590
H35	Black Headlamp Override	                          $590
J55	Cross Drilled Brake Rotors	                  $500
MN6	6-Speed Manual Transmission	                    $0
MXO	6-Speed Paddle Shift Automatic Transmission	$1,250
NPP	Dual Mode Exhaust	                        $1,195
PYD	Grand Sport Competition Gray Wheels	          $395
PYE	Grand Sport Chrome Wheels	                $1,995
Q44	Z06 Competition Gray Wheels	                  $395
Q6B	ZR1 Chrome Wheels	                        $2,000
Q6J	ZR1 Competition Gray Wheels	                  $395
Q76	Z06 Original Chrome 10 spoke Wheels	        $1,495
Q8A	Z06 Spider Chrome Wheels                        $1,995
Q9V	Chrome 5 Spoke Wheels – Coupe and Conv Only	$1,850
QX1	Split Spoke Competition Gray Wheels	          $395
R8C	Museum Delivery	                                  $490
U3U	Navigation 6.5” Screen	                        $1,795
US9	6 Disc CD Changer	                          $395
Z07	Z06 Ultimate Performance Package	        $9,495
Z15	Grand Sport Heritage Package	                $1,195
**6	Two-Tone Seating	                          $695
36S	Custom Leather Stitching – Yellow	          $395
37S	Custom Leather Stitching – Blue	                  $395
38S	Custom Leather Stitching – Red	                  $395
0B1	Cross Flag Embroidery on Headrests	          $300
28U	Inferno Orange Metiallic	                  $300
45U	Velocity Yellow Premium Tintcoat	          $850
85U	Jetstream Blue Premium Tintcoat	                  $850
89U	Crystal Red Premium Tintcoat	                  $850
GLB	Supersonic Blue Metallic	                  $300
PYD	Competition Gray Aluminum – Grand Sport	          $395
PYE	Chrome Aluminum – Grand Sport	                $1,995
Q44	Z06 Competition Gray	                          $395
Q6B	ZR1 Chrome Aluminum	                        $2,000
Q6J	ZR1 Competition Gray Aluminum	                  $395
Q8A	Z06 Chrome Aluminum	                        $1,995
QX1	Competition Gray Aluminum – Coupe/Conv	          $395
QX3	Chrome Aluminum – Coupe/Conv	                $1,850
RQ1	Machine Faced Aluminum – Coupe/Conv	          $895

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