Best Battery for C6 Corvette 

2005 to 2013 C6 Corvette AGM Style Battery

The very Best Battery for C6 Corvettes fixes an issue for battery leakage problems. 

Optima Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 and other batteries of this type are built using AGM construction.  This type of battery  construction uses saturated (Absorbent Glass Mats) rather than gelled or liquid electrolyte. AGM batteries will not leak acid.  They are also less susceptible to vibration since the lead plates are not free to move in the electrolyte. 

In our quest to find the Best Battery for C6 Corvette we compare an Optima battery an OEM Delphi and Odyssey to see how they match up.  At the end of the day any of these three batteries are a winner.  All 3 are AGM construction.  We will not recommend any other type of battery due to the lesser construction technology.  It's AGM or nothing!

Key features why these 3 battery brands are in our top recommendations:

  • AGM construction
  • Durability
  • Proven record of performance
  • Leak proof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Modern looks
  • 36 month warranty

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Best Battery for C6 Corvette, Top Batteries Years 2005-2013 (Base & Grand Sport Corvettes) (All Group  Batteries)

Battery Group Breakdown for Exact Fit on all Years and Models

  • 2010-2013 Group 35/85/T5/96R/90, GS Group 35/85/T5/96R/90, Z06 Group T5/96, ZR1 Group 35/85/T5/96R
  • 2009 Group 35/85/T5/96R, Z06 Group 90/T5/96R, ZR1 Group 35/85/T5/96R
  • 2008 Group 35/85, Z06/427 Limited Edition T5/96R

  • 2007 Group 90/T5/96R
  • 2006 Group 90/T5/96R(Base & Z06)

Group 35/85 Battery Comparisons | Most Popular & Prevalent Group 


Price Approximate

$200 USD

$194 USD

$215 USD



  • AGM
  • Reliable
  • 720 CCA
  • 90 min reserve Capacity
  • Highest rated
  • AGM
  • Reliable
  • Lowest Cost
  • OEM Brand
  • AGM
  • 100 min reserve capacity


  • Potential to need battery spacer
  • None
  • 640 CCA
  • More Expensive
  • Less Warranty Coverage than competitors

Cool Features

36 Month Warranty

36 Month Warranty

30 Month Warranty

Bottom Line

 Battery built specifically  with capacity to cover the needs of the C6

Modern OEM install with best features at a reasonable cost

Superior alternative to Optima or Delphi

Note: Certain batteries and years of corvette will need a battery height spacer, check your exact fitment before purchase.  Optima batteries will require a spacer for most installations so please check!

What About C6 2006-07 Base & C6 Z06/427 Edition Batteries?

We currently don't offer reviews or comparisons for model years 06-07 C6 and all Z06 battery since the only one available is a Delphi Battery PN: BUC7085 or BUC6090. We recommend you use Battery Group T5/90/96 for these years and models of C6 Corvette.

What Batteries We Own

We've owned the Optima brand of batteries for over 15 years. We have found them to be very reliable, durable and constructed very well.  Early on we did accidentally discharge them too many times (because we did not own the charger) and they ultimately died early.  We relied on disconnecting the battery when the car sat, major pain in the but!  Since we starting use the battery tender all has been good!

We have the OEM Delphi still in service in our 2015 Corvette Z06 but suspect its on its last legs after 5 years and 33k miles.  If cost was a factor we would buy the Delphi again. 

The Optima has been in our 1997 C5 for over ten years and is lasting much longer with the battery tender maintaining the battery when the car is not driven.  This car is driven infrequently now. .  

Bottom Line: The Best Battery for C6 Corvette is?

Ultimately we will be changing to the Optima when the Delphi finally quits in our C7 Z06.  Battery choices are limited for the C6 but we would choose the Optima for the Base and Grand Sports even with the need for a potential spacer.  For the Best Battery for C6 Corvette Z06 you will need to stick with the Delphi Brand.

Corvette Brand Battery Tender

Approximately $110-115 USD

Why Do C6 Corvette Batteries Go Dead?

Your Corvette most likely sits for more extended periods than other cars. Most of us Corvette owners are particular when we drive, so weeks can go by without starting or charging the battery by driving the vehicle.

The onboard computers draw energy from the battery 24/7.   This draw comes from chassis items such as running the door lock key FOB receiver waiting for a request to unlock.   

Every late model Corvette needs a battery charger.  The newer cars have so much parasitic draw from all of the computers a perfectly new battery can be dead in less than two weeks!  The Factory realized this and started providing this as an RPO option in late 2010 for Corvettes.  Get the same charger here!  

Great info on Lead Acid Batteries at Battery University if you want to learn more about battery technology!

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