Corvette Anthology

A DVD-ROM encyclopedia about America's Favorite Sports Car
ISBN: 1-936735-33-4

The latest edition of "Corvette Anthology 2012" is the only GM officially licensed multi-media encyclopedia about the Corvette.

This photographic extravaganza contains well over 1800 photos, hundreds of graphics, an unbelievable 78 videos & TV commercials (including the controversial one from the 2005 SuperBowl), etc.

We guide you, starting with the first six-cylinder in 1953, to the awesome new 2012 Grand Sport, ZR1 & Z06 super cars.

Browse the statistics, the options, those tremendous horsepower muscle cars of the sixties. It’s all here! Everything you want to know about every year.

It comes with the Corvette Anthology Screen Saver 2012 and can even print a book! A must have for any Corvette owner or enthusiast!

Corvette Photos

With over 1800 photos Corvette 2012 Anthology is the most organized and impressive arrangement of Corvette photographic history ever collected.

Each Year is meticulously arrange for easy viewing and searching. Easily create your own custom slide show for your computer.

Use the photos to track the changes over the years. Not sure what year had a certain style wheels or what the color options were? Easily figure out what year Corvette is your ideal dream Corvette.

Corvette 2012 Anthology Information

Works easily from your computer to provide information on Corvettes. Just "contact us" using the button to left if you ever need help!

Corvette Literature Read Corvette press releases from over the years. Learn the technological advancements in these GM press releases.

Corvette People Learn about some of the thousands of gifted men and women that have made the Corvette what it is over the years!

Corvette Illustrations Live the past with Corvette illustrations from the last 50 years by the talented artists that brought the Corvette to life!

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