Corvette Event Codes

The use of Corvette event codes allows every dealer the ability to monitor the progress of a specific order as identified by its order number. The number is (6 digits)and assigned upon order generation to the dealership. Here's the event codes that a dealer can view and their meanings:

1100-Order Accepted-"Preliminary Order Status" of VOMS (Vehicle Order Management System)
2000-Order has been sent to the Placed Tab of VOMS
2001-Order generated to dealer
2005-Order replaced with GM Prospec order
2050-Order changed
2500-Order sent to production, preferenced
3000-Order accepted by production control
3100-Order available to sequence(Target Production Week becomes more stable).
3300-Order selected for production by assembly plant
3400-Order broadcasted for production
3800-Vehicle produced
4150-Vehicled invoiced to dealer
4200-Vehicle shipped
5000-Vehicle delivered to dealer
6000-Vehicle delivered to customer

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