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Corvette Repair C3

Below you will find Corvette Repair C3 videos and information on how to repair 67-82 Corvettes.

Installing a printed circuit and small gauge testing 1977-1982

Testing a Corvette 68-76 Temperature Gauge

Testing a 68-76 Corvette Wiper Motor Switch

Testing a 1968 to 1976 Fuel Gauge

How to Test a 68-72 Corvette Wiper Actuator Relay Valve Or a 68-82 Headlamp Relay

Testing a 1969-1972 Corvette Wiper Arm Vacuum Switch

Testing a 68-72 Wiper Relay

Corvette Headlamp Housing Adjustment Video 1968-1982

Corvette Headlamp Vacuum Diagnostics Help

Corvette Bench Test a 1973-1982 Corvette Wiper Motor

Corvette Heater Control Vacuum Hose Connector Repair 1968-1982

Corvette Bench test a 1968 Corvette Wiper Motor

Rebuild a Corvette Power Steering Control Valve 1963-1982

How to Install a 1968-1982 Corvette Door Hinge "S" Spring

Testing a 1977-1982 Corvette Heater and AC Blower Switch

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