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LT1 Direct Injection

LT1 Direct Injection uses an engine driven fuel pump and electrically controlled fuel injectors that spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber at 2175 psi.

Located on the picture above you will see the engine driven fuel pump which is between the two black plugs. The pump is driven off the camshaft which has a new tri lobe design that powers the pump with mechanical motion of the three lobes pumping the piston of the fuel pump up and down 3 times per camshaft revolution. Total lift of each lobe of the cam is 5.7mm along with 1.48 cc per revolution displacement.

  • Fuel system hidden under intake manifold
  • Injector flow rate 22.0 cc/s @ 10MPa
  • Fuel pump control logic calibrated to reduce mechanical impact
  • Injectors acoustically encapsulated
  • 2175 psi mechanically driven Direct Injection fuel pump
  • In tank electric fuel pump feeds Direct Injection pump

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