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Into This! (Example of Studio Results)

If you select custom text the CWC GRAPHIC logo will be replaced with your Text, Color and Font. Default font is shown. Imagine your car here. All the special effects shown will be on your picture. Do it for any car, its not just for Corvettes!

Examples of What Options You Have

No Reflection

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CWC Graphic Studio


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C6 ZR1

What is it?

At we take your photos of your car and our artists convert it into a studio setting. Once you purchase your studio time you will receive an email requesting your photo and an I Agree Statement releasing the creative commons license to CWC Graphic Studio. Upload your photo as an attachment sign and date the I agree statement in a reply. We do the rest! Its super easy, safe and guaranteed.

Just watch your email (white list us or check your spam folder) for instructions and your watermarked image that requires your approval. Once you approve it we remove the watermark and send the final image in an email as an attachment. We do our best to complete Studio projects ASAP and currently we are running 1-2 weeks depending on back log. If you have deadline email us below!

Thats it your done!

What can you do with it after?

Anything you want. You can set it as your computer desktop background. Set it as an avatar for your forum page. The picture is high quality allowing you to blow up and print in many large sizes.

Example Uses:

  • Wall Art for Garage or office
  • Unique Gift for that special car owner
  • Make a calendar with your car as the star
  • Customize it with text
  • Computer desktop background image
  • Avatar
  • Poster
  • Stamps
  • Shirt
  • Cell phone wallpaper
  • Great for car show information boards!

Get Started Today
$49.99 Basic
$59.99 Custom Text

Studio Time Options
Your Custom Text Box
Text Color and Font Type

Minimum Requirements

  1. Large Photo preferably greater than 2mb. Right click on your Picture select "Properties" to view.
  2. File format JPEG or .jpg (most cameras take in this format)
  3. You must have the right to edit the photo. This must be a picture you have taken yourself. Copyrighted pictures cannot be used that you have not taken personally. You must also turn over creative commons rights to CWC Graphic Studios so we can create your Studio Print.
  4. No Trademarks

For Best Results

  1. Pick a Large picture file or High quality setting on your digital camera.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT! Think about your background. Yes it will be cut out, but things like reflections and buildings can distract and show on the vehicle surface. We recommend an open area with a solid black surface on the ground like a parking lot with NO stripes. Make sure and look through the windows from your camera angle to ensure nothing is in the background.
  3. Angle is very important. This is how your car will look in the studio so pick a good one. We suggest keeping the camera level and trying different heights until you find one you like. Hint! setting the camera on the ground or a few inches off the ground looks neat. Pro Tip: Do not go above the height of the drivers eyes.
  4. Light impacts the color quality. We suggest taking pictures out of direct sunlight. The best conditions are partly cloudy days and clear of any shadows. Best times of day are an hour before sunset and sunrise. Sun should be at your back when taking pictures or no more than 45 degrees from your left or right.
  5. Lastly take a picture of the car that mostly fills the field of view of the camera. Make sure not to cut off any of the car. Make sure its in focus and not blurry.


CWC Graphic Studio print process includes a guarantee.

We analyze your photo and either accept or request another photo with reason for rejection. If we cannot settle on a picture that meets our standards we will refund your complete payment 100%. You are ultimately responsible for the quality of the image submitted to us. We do not honor the guarantee for any image you submit that you find later to have flaws.

Once we perform the process we send you a watermarked image for approval. We will perform up to 3 tweaks for color, location and custom text to the photo that involve personal preference. Errors on our part dont count against your tweaks. We do our best to quality check our Studio Prints but mistakes do happen.

Once an image has been submitted to you for approval refunds of 50% will be only given as a course of last resort. We will do everything we can to make the photo to your liking (up to the 3 tweaks). If you have any questions about this policy feel free to email us.

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