C4 Corvette Sensor Information

C4 Corvette Sensor

Sensor Values and Location

C4 Corvette Sensor Coolant Temperature 

P/N 25036708

  • 185 Ohms @ 210F, 3400 Ohms @ 68F, 7,500 Ohms @ 39 F.  Front of engine, below Throttle Body 
  • 1985-91 Located Under Plenum
  • 1992-96 Located In Water Pump

Engine Oil Temperature Sensor

  • 185 Ohms @ 210 F, 3400 Ohms @ 68 F, 7,500 Ohms @39 F.  Left rear of engine, just above the oil filter

Oil Pressure Sender/Switch

  • 1 Ohms @ 0 PSI, 43 Ohms @ 30 PSI, 86 Ohms @ 60 PSI.  Top, left hand rear of engine

Fuel Quantity Sender C4 Corvette Sensor

  • 0 Ohms @ Empty, 45 Ohms @ 1/2 Full, 90 Ohms @ Full.  Top of fuel tank, beneath filler pipe escutcheon (shield) panel.

MAT (Manifold Absolute Temperature Sensor)

  • 185 Ohms @ 210 F, 3400 Ohms @ 70 F, 15,000 Ohms @ 40 F.  Underside of manifold air plenum at rear.

Outside Temperature Sensor

  • 4400 Ohms @ 60 F, 2200 Ohms @ 85 F.  Right side of engine, top right corner of radiator

In Car Temp Temperature Sensor

  • 4400 Ohms @ 60 F, 2200 Ohms @ 85 F.  Coupe: above left seat near interior courtesy light, Convertible: center of cargo compartment lid.

MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor

  • .4 Volts @ idle, 5 Volts @ Full Throttle.  Front of engine ahead of throttle body

Oxygen (O2) Sensor

  • .1 Volt Lean Mixture, .9 Volt Rich Mixture.  Left side of exhaust pipe near engine block

TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

  • .54 Volts Idle, ~ 5 Volts Full Throttle.  Right side of throttle body at the front

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