C4 for sale

by Fred Bergh
(Lumberton, NC, USA)

Actual Mileage: Yes
Special Options:none
Condition: looks great always garaged
seats have been reupholstered (2 yrs)
Feb 15, 2011 Replace headlight switch, rear light lenses, and some hardware (screws), radio replaced

2012 Seats recovered (Lawrence’s Upholstery), Replaced all weather stripping

May 2013 Digital dash cluster rebuilt

May 2015 Replaced Alternator

2016 New fuel pump

2017 New Battery

What does not work? won't start and hasn't been started in a couple of years (solenoid?, starter?, VATS?, engine?), electric windows don't work.
Any other work that needs done? top has a crack
Location of Corvette, City and Zip: Lumberton, NC 28360
Asking Price:$3500

Both my wife and I are in mid 70's, she has been hospitalized several times this year and I have a heart condition. I am no longer able to maintained as I once did and am not inclined to put anymore effort in repairs.

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