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Friend: Never Find Another Dead Battery | Compare the C7 Corvette Battery Tender Against Its Closest Rivals

Compare the C7 Corvette Battery Tender | By Chris Trautman

The C7 Corvette Battery Tender is an essential product for your Corvette.  The Corvette is unlike your others cars.  They are typically driven infrequently which then leads to parasitic electrical draw to suck the capacity out of your stored electrical charge inside of your battery.

Without driving your car the battery never has a chance to be charged by the alternator.  It would not be unheard of for a C7 Corvette battery to be dead within 2-3 weeks, even a new one!

Add any changes like independent electrical devices and all bets are off!

So what do you do?

What GM did was provide a battery protection package to the vehicle when you were first bought the corvette.  Chances are your not the original owner or you never got the tool that came with the car.

They run around $100

So what is the Corvette Battery Protection Package?  Short answer: Its a small portable battery charger with convenience features incorporated to make for easier use.    

The Genuine GM Accessories 22969090 Battery Charger major features over the Battery Tender Brand is the convenience of plugging directly into the cigarette lighter and selecting maintain or charge.

So what is the Corvette Branded Protection package based off of?

In short it's made by CTEK, and the closest comparison is the CTEK - 40-206 MXS 5.0 Fully Automatic 4.3 amp Battery Charger and Maintainer 12V (40-206)

Major Differences Between CTEK Models 

The CTEK model 40-206 does not come standard with the cigarette adapter, although you can upgrade.  Also, the controls are more universal if you wanted to use on a smaller battery.  Once adding the  adapter the price gets really close to the GM Corvette branded version.  

So What's the Difference Between C7 Corvette Battery Tenders?

Battery Tender


Amperage: 4.0

12V Plug: No

6V Option: Yes

Price: Lowest

Charging Steps: Infinite Sequential Monitoring

Safe connected 24/7

Corvette Protection

Amperage: 4.0

12V Plug: Yes

6V Option:  No

Price: Highest

Charging Steps: 4

Safe connected 24/7 

CTEK 40-206

Amperage: 4.3

12V Plug: Optional

6V Option:  No

Price: In the middle

Charging Steps: 8

Safe connected 24/7

Approx. Price: $70 

Approx. Price: $110

Approx. Price: $80

What About Trickle Chargers?

We do not recommend trickle chargers for 24/7 unmonitored charging.  Your battery can be damaged since most trickle chargers do not adjust for charging state.  Pay the little extra money and keep your battery and your car safe!

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