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Car stalls just idling, or when driving

by Pete

1995, LT1 106,000 miles. Started out with stalling under hard acceleration, then stalling even under mild acceleration. Then testing it in driveway only at idle, starts easily, may stall soon, then easy to restart, up to the time it is warmed up, then when it stalls it may not restart, or restarts with great difficulty, but won't stay running. When it cuts out, tach drops to zero. Sometimes it will rev a few hundred over idle on its own, then dies. When you try to take it up to 2000-3000 it balks, the tach may bounce around its full range, or it may register correctly.

I've had the car 4 months, driven about 800 miles, problem started after about 600 miles. The small used car dealer I bought it from said he just replaced the Opti and the water pump. Water pump looks new, and the big Opti wiring connector on top of the engine looks new. Can't see the Opti with water pump on.

When they replaced water pump they decided to reuse the 24 year old heater hoses. About the same time as the problem started, the lower heater hose started leaking right at the water pump. I replaced that hose shortly thereafter. No more leak.

The engine hasn't used any oil since I got it. I run 93 octane fuel in the car.

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Oct 10, 2019
followup on the problem
by: Pete

i took the car back to dealer that changed Opti 800 miles ago. replaced Opti again. I believe the heater hose leak ruined the first one they installed.

Lesson is: Don't reuse any water pump hoses because those connections are just too close to the distributor.

Aug 26, 2019

by: Chris

Excellent description of your problem. So much so we feel confident that your next item to look at would be your fuel pump. Please have your system pressure tested at the engine under load to verify your pump and system are providing accurate pressure to the engine. You possibly could have a plugged fuel filter or line.

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