I start the car I'm able to drive it and it just shut off

by Freddy
(Oswego Ny. United States)

Blue.   Freddy82

Blue. Freddy82

Hello I have a 1982 Corvette I start her up I drive it and no problems and as I'm driving along the car decides to shut right off it's like somebody shut it right off sometimes I go up to a stop sign and the car will actually shut off sometimes I'm driving down the road and it will shut off then it will turn on its own and continue it doesn't do it all the time but I would love to get that problem fix I know it's electrical but I'm not sure from where or what or why is doing it I turned around and put a brand new distributor and I also took off the crossfire it has a carburetor and still the same problem your help will be very much grateful. Freddy 82

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Sep 28, 2019

by: Chris

Hello Freddy,

Thanks for coming to the site and asking for help. Thank you for the great description of your problem and your attempts to fix it. We have pondered your issue for a few hours and suspect a couple different things.

#1. Fuel pump? How old is it? Can you pressure test it when it dies? How about normal operation?

#2. Ignition switch? How old is it? What happens when you wiggle the switch when its running? Does it die?

#3. Back to the fuel system. Inside of the fuel tank you have 2 teflon clamps that can break and restrict fuel flow to the engine. Another reason to verify fuel pressure.

#4. What did you do with the conversion from the Crossfire system fuel pump? The fuel pump could be the original starvation issue.

Please take a look at these things and let us know what you find.

So to review: 1. Get the fuel pressure when the car is running and when it dies. Next check the actual ignition switch where you put your key in and observe if any issues arise when this gets bumped or jiggled.

If you dont have the knowledge or tools to perform this please find a reputable mechanic.

Good luck and please report back!

Chris the Corvette Brainiac

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