The Best C7 Z06 Radiator Upgrades

The Best C7 Z06 Radiator UpgradesThe Best C7 Z06 Radiator Upgrades

We have assembled the Best of the Best List for C7 Z06 Radiator Upgrades for 2015-2019 Z06 Corvettes on the planet!

We highly recommend you prioritize your first upgrades to be on the cooling system.  Update your radiator first before you do anything else!  Especially if you have 2015-16 models.  The 2017 model corvette implemented factory solutions to mitigate the overheating risk.  

Why you ask?

Corvette engineers admit to missing the mark for the cooling needs on early Z06 Corvettes. They claim that adding performance upgrades compounded the issue of inadequate cooling, so we suggest cooling upgrades first.

The remaining items on the list are the Best of the Best C7 Corvette Cooling system Upgrades.

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C7 Z06 Performance Upgrades | By Chris Trautman

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Top Must Have | The C7 Z06 Radiator Upgrade Parts List

So, a little info you may or may not know, some C7 Z06 Corvettes have cooling issues when used in high power demand applications. Most owners will not experience this unless the car's cooling system gets massively heat soaked with hot weather and track-based high-speed/load events.

The C7 Z06 was engineered with a "pro driver @ 86 degrees" design standard for all performance development. The philosophy had proven to work well for GM for many years. After a few years, GM realized that owners on tracks in southern warmer climates had issues overheating and cars going into reduced power modes.  

The first generation of Z06 Corvettes (2015-2016) had the majority of the issues. 2017+ GM solved the cooling problems, and many companies have come to the rescue with Cooling Upgrades for the Corvettes without the extra cooling or those that require additional upgrades.  

We cover the details of all the fixes below..........

1. Option 1 - C7 Z06 Radiator Performance Upgrade..........

The number one thing GM had to do to fix the cooling issue was to increase the size of the radiator on later generations of the C7 Z06 Corvette.  More volume equals better cooling efficiency.  For the rest of us, early Z06 owners (our selves included) require us to upgrade on our own.  The first radiator in this section has a higher price point and may work better in extreme situations.

2. Option 2 - C7 Z06 LG Motorsports Radiator Upgrade........

LG Motorsports makes some of the best performance parts you will find for your C7 Corvette and they were one of the first to offer cooling upgrades for the C7 Z06.

C7 Z06 Cooling Mod Intercooler Upgrade

3. C7 Z06 Intercooler Upgrade..........

This little radiator cools the coolant in the Supercharger air to water intercooler system.  For maximum performance we suggest upgrading to increase the cooling capacity of your intercooler and thus decreasing the intake air temperature which increases the air density and also increases the horsepower potential of what your engine can produce.  

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